We support the initiative "Invest in Education"

Please also sign the European Citizens’ Initiative "Invest in Education" – we, the Fairchance Foundation, and Joachim Löw, one of our supporters, have already done it.

With the Lisbon Treaty, which came into effect in 2009, all EU citizens have the opportunity to participate directly in the development of their legislation. Take advantage of your chance and co-determine the agenda of the EU.

The official description and the main objectives of the initiative are as follows:

Education is worth any cost!

The objectives are

1. Combat inequality by providing equal opportunities for education and training to all young people in Europe.
2. Ensure adequate and appropriate infrastructures and tools for high quality education in Europe in times of crisis.
3. Enhance and safeguard growth, development and democratic institutions; ensure the employability of younger generations through investment in education.
4. Support European policy Horizon 2020.

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