University Munich confirms efficiency of MITsprache

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Since summer 2011 MITsprache is evaluated independently by the Ludwig-Maximilians- University Munich (LMU). Now the intermediate results at the end of the second year of the project prove that MITsprache clearly has got a positive effect on the language acquisition of children. Supported children show, in contrast to a comparison group of children without additional support, a significantly higher increase in their language competence.

The high quality of the project is guaranteed by its linguistic foundation, its practice-oriented language training from qualified teachers and by its professional parental work. The successful implementation of the project at elementary schools and a very high acceptance among the children, parents and teachers forms the basis of the language promotion project.

According to the LMU, MITsprache is making a verifiable contribution to the promotion of language acquisition of children with a migrant background from socially disadvantaged classes and thus contributes significantly to integration. A continuation and expansion of the project to other elementary schools and kindergartens is strongly recommended by the LMU.

The Fairchance Foundation is delighted with the scientific recognition of their integration work. It wants to thank all the participants, especially the partaking school and kindergarten teachers as well as the numerous supporters, without whom this success would not be possible.

The evaluation by the group of Prof. Dr. Mandl in collaboration with Raphaela Schätz, M.A. and Dr. Jan Hense from the Department "Education and Educational Psychology" at the LMU will continue until the end of 2014.