MITsprache launches at five kindergartens

For the past two years the project MITsprache is running with great success at five elementary schools in Berlin-Gesundbrunnen. As of today, five kindergartens in the catchment area of the involved schools are scheduled to be incorporated into the program. The cooperation with the child care facilities allows a continuous, cross-institutional language promotion for three years, which begins at the kindergarten and will be continued in elementary school for two more years.

Around 30 children with poor language skills will receive the targeted and linguistically proven language training in their last kindergarten year. Kindergarten teachers will receive trainings and coachings to implement the language support program on a high quality. Additionally the parents of the 30 children are supported by a social worker in order to promote their children at home optimally.

We would like to thank all the participating kindergartens for their commitment. We are looking forward to a long term cooperation with the common goal to strengthen the language skills of children and thus create the basis for a successful integration.

A list of all participating educational institutions of MITsprache can be found here.