Current Events

07/09/2014 - With the end of the school year 2013/14 , we complete the third project year of MITsprache. This year around 150 children received effective language training.
Logo Berliner Sparkasse Foundation
06/12/2014 - MITsparache receives a promotion over 5,000 euros by the Berliner Sparkasse Foundation. This allows the support of the implementation of the language promotion program to kindergartens in Berlin-Gesundbrunnen.
Primus-Prize for MITsprache
01/17/2014 - MITsprache is awarded by the Foundation for Education and Society with the Primus-Prize of the month.
01/13/2014 - The European Citizens’ Initiative "Invest in Education" says: Education is worth any cost.
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11/07/2013 - For the first time MITsprache has been proved scientific achievements in the context of a long-term evaluation. This is a milestone in the promotion of integration in Germany - because successful integration requires sufficient language competence.
11/05/2013 - Today is the official starting date for five day-care centers in the successful integration project MITsprache - welcome!
60 children successfully complete language promotion program MITsprache
06/13/2013 - After two years of promotion from MITsprache, the first children complete their language promotion programm successfully. Congratulations!
05/10/2013 - Invitrust, the foundation that promotes the idea of charitable foundations, has honored Stiftung Fairchance as "Foundation of the Month".
05/08/2013 - Dancing makes us strong. And happy. With this in mind, all of the children currently involved with the MITsprache project were given an opportunity to attend a dance workshop operated by the Berlin State Ballet.
03/12/2013 - Children and parents involved in the MITsprache language promotion program had the opportunity to experience an exciting football match at Berlin‘s Olympic Stadium.