07/09/2014 - With the end of the school year 2013/14 , we complete the third project year of MITsprache. This year around 150 children received effective language training.
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Logo Berliner Sparkasse Foundation
Thu 6/12/2014 - MITsparache receives a promotion over 5,000 euros by the Berliner Sparkasse Foundation. This allows the support of the implementation of the language promotion program to kindergartens in Berlin-Gesundbrunnen.
Primus-Prize for MITsprache
Fri 1/17/2014 - MITsprache is awarded by the Foundation for Education and Society with the Primus-Prize of the month.
Mon 1/13/2014 - The European Citizens’ Initiative "Invest in Education" says: Education is worth any cost.
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Thu 11/07/2013 - For the first time MITsprache has been proved scientific achievements in the context of a long-term evaluation. This is a milestone in the promotion of integration in Germany - because successful integration requires sufficient language competence.
Tue 11/05/2013 - Today is the official starting date for five day-care centers in the successful integration project MITsprache - welcome!
60 children successfully complete language promotion program MITsprache
Thu 6/13/2013 - After two years of promotion from MITsprache, the first children complete their language promotion programm successfully. Congratulations!
Fri 5/10/2013 - Invitrust, the foundation that promotes the idea of charitable foundations, has honored Stiftung Fairchance as "Foundation of the Month".
Wed 5/08/2013 - Dancing makes us strong. And happy. With this in mind, all of the children currently involved with the MITsprache project were given an opportunity to attend a dance workshop operated by the Berlin State Ballet.
Tue 3/12/2013 - Children and parents involved in the MITsprache language promotion program had the opportunity to experience an exciting football match at Berlin‘s Olympic Stadium.
Football Coach Löw receives donation to Fairchance Foundation
Fri 12/14/2012 - MAOAM presents donation check over 100.000, - € for the Fairchance Foundation to Joachim Löw.
Donation by the M.A.R.T.E.L.L. Grundstücksgesellschaft mbH
Mon 12/10/2012 - We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation for the generous donation to the MITsprache language promotion project by the M.A.R.T.E.L.L. Grundstücksgesellschaft mbH real estate company.
Mon 12/03/2012 - During the three-day International Korczak-Festival, the Fairchance Foundation delivered a speech on "Das Recht des Kindes, so zu sein, wie es ist – Sprache als Schlüssel zur Bildung und zum selbstbestimmten Leben" ("A child’s right to be accepted as who they are – language as the key to education and a self-determined life").
Foundation Day in Berlin: Info booth on Fairchance Foundation’s language promotion program
Fri 11/16/2012 - Berlin’s Governing Mayor, Klaus Wowereit, hosted "Berlin’s 5th Foundation Day" ("5. Berliner Stiftungstag").
Villa Harteneck
Thu 11/15/2012 - The exclusive Berlin-based furniture and interior design store Villa Harteneck has joined our efforts to help promote our language acquisition program by pledging to donate 75 € to our foundation for each specially-designed “Fairchance” Advent wreath sold.
Tue 11/13/2012 - The rbb TV channel aired a portrait on Fairchance Foundation and its language promotion program "MITsprache" on 12 November 2012 during its popular "Abendschau" evening program.
Mon 10/01/2012 - The Fairchance Foundation and the Sprachförderzentrum Berlin-Mitte hold their first press conference over the expansion of their successful MITsprache language promotion program.
Mon 9/10/2012 - Clubs, initiatives and foundations – among them Fairchance Foundation – informed visitors about their work at roughly 100 information booths.
Mon 9/03/2012 - The Fairchance Foundation, together with its project MITsprache, introduced itself to interested professionals at Berlin’s town hall, the Rotes Rathaus.
Thu 7/12/2012 - The "Woche der Sprache und des Lesens" ("Language and Reading Week") and the Fairchance Foundation pursue the same goals, namely to promote the education of children and youths. For this reason, Fairchance Foundation is very pleased to support the "Language Week".