Every donation helps in supporting children locally.

Support the Fairchance Foundation with a donation. Your contribution helps us – among other things – to accept as many children as possible into the language acquisition program and to provide them with further social services.

Donation of money for language promotion for children

Please support us with your donation of money. Your contribution empowers us to continue and extend our non-profit work within the field of integration and language promotion in the long run.

Donation by bank transfer

In case you need a donation receipt, please contact us at info@stiftung-fairchance.org. If making regular donations, you will receive an annual confirmation of your donations automatically.

Fairchance Foundation is a registered charitable foundation. Your donation is tax-deductible at German tax offices. Tax deductibility of donations from abroad needs to be verified individually.

Stiftung Fairchance
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Bank: BHF Bank
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Thank you for your support!