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07/09/2014 - With the end of the school year 2013/14 , we complete the third project year of MITsprache. This year around 150 children received effective language training.

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06/12/2014 - MITsparache receives a promotion over 5,000 euros by the Berliner Sparkasse Foundation. This allows the support of the implementation of the language promotion program to kindergartens in Berlin-Gesundbrunnen.
Primus-Prize for MITsprache
01/17/2014 - MITsprache is awarded by the Foundation for Education and Society with the Primus-Prize of the month.
01/13/2014 - The European Citizens’ Initiative "Invest in Education" says: Education is worth any cost.
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11/07/2013 - For the first time MITsprache has been proved scientific achievements in the context of a long-term evaluation. This is a milestone in the promotion of integration in Germany - because successful integration requires sufficient language competence.
11/05/2013 - Today is the official starting date for five day-care centers in the successful integration project MITsprache - welcome!
60 children successfully complete language promotion program MITsprache
06/13/2013 - After two years of promotion from MITsprache, the first children complete their language promotion programm successfully. Congratulations!
05/10/2013 - Invitrust, the foundation that promotes the idea of charitable foundations, has honored Stiftung Fairchance as "Foundation of the Month".
Language is the key to education and integration. The Fairchance Foundation seeks to promote equality of opportunity for children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds, especially those with immigrant origins, by facilitating German language acquisition. Because every child in Germany deserves a fair chance at education, integration and participation.
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The results of the PISA study 2012 (Program for International Student Assessment) prove a positive development for Germany in the acquisition of skills of children and adolescents. However, the increase of educational equity and the improvement of the quality of education will remain on the agenda for the Standing Conference and the Federal Minister of Education and Research. The correlation between social stratum, migration background and educational success is still distinct.1

This is also shown by statistics on adolescents without a school-leaving qualification. In 2013, for example 8.3 % of all school leavers in Berlin did not obtain such a qualification; these are 2,115 adolescents. Among adolescents with a non-German origin language the percentage rises up to 12.5 % (971 youths).2

In 2011, 16 % of all 4-year olds at Berlin day care facilities were determined to be in need of remedial support in language acquisition. Among children with a German background, this percentage was just 8 %, while it was 34 % for those with an immigrant background.3 In the course of their development, they only will have few chances to close this gap without special language promotion.

One fifth of all 15-year-old adolescents only have weak reading and language skills, which are not sufficient to fully understand texts. Here adolescents with a low socio -economic status or with an immigrant background are represented above average.4

The relationship between school grades and language proficiency can be described as follows: "Student achievement depends, both directly and indirectly, on language skills. Fluency in the language of instruction is important, in fact, it is decisive. This holds true independently of other possible factors affecting immigrant children's educational opportunities."5

It is only through German language acquisition – especially at an early age – that children will have the best prospects to succeed in the classroom. Everyone ought to have a say in our society and the Fairchance Foundation is dedicated to levelling the playing field.

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